Some printed kits are marked “Temporarily Unavailable” because of non-delivery of some vital components.

So far I have no indication from the supplier as to when the situation is likely to change. In the mean time work is continuing on products which don’t require these items, eg bogies, wheels and loco bodies.

New items almost ready for production

Items just a bit further away

4mm & 7mm Etched Brass Kits

Many of the etched kits formerly produced under the Bill Bedford label are in the process of being updated and enhanced. These will be added to these pages a the updates are done. They will still be made to order, but new systems have been put in place that means that the delivery can be brought down to about 3 weeks initially. It is intended to add new wagons, NPCS, and coach side etches in the coming months with full coach kits following later.

Please read the Terms of Business page before ordering.


The following lists have an ‘availability’ field with the following meanings:

In Preparation:
The kit is not yet in production and the final price will not have been set.
Extended Delivery:
The kit has been in production, but the tooling needs re-factoring and printing
28 Delivery:
The kit is either in stock or can be etched within a short time.

Note that the resin kits are made in batches of between 40 and 50. Once the original batch has sold it could be some time before a second one is done.


Clicking on the ‘Shapeways’ button on the page header with take you to the Mousa Models shop at Shapeways.com. Here there are listed 3D printed items which include some axlebox & spring units, coach roofs and other useful bits that can be purchased and delivered direct from the Shapeways. Note that prices are in Euros if your address in Europe or US Dollars for the rest of the world.


What is this “Mousa” you ask?

Well, it is an island in Shetland, almost as far away from Railways as it is possible to get and still be in the UK. Here’s a web site that will tell you almost everything about it

Ohh, and it’s pronounced ‘moosa’