4mm scale LYR coach etchesΒΆ


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Code Description Delivery Deposit Price    
BCK1205/4 D.102 BTO Work Needed 1.0 47.50
BCK1203/4 D.103 RCO/RTO Available 1.0 60.00
BCK1211/4 D.126 Club Car Work Needed 1.0 55.00
BCK1207/4 D.129 TO Work Needed 1.0 55.00
BCK1209/4 D.131 BTO Work Needed 1.0 47.50
BCK1209a/4 D.131 BTO (LMS Mods) Work Needed 1.0 55.00
BCK1206/4 D.132 FO Work Needed 1.0 55.00
BCK1208/4 D.139 CO Work Needed 1.0 55.00
BCK1201/4 D.85 RFK Available 1.0 70.00
BCK1202/4 D.93 BFK Available 1.0 60.00
BCK1204/4 D.95 TO Available 1.0 60.00
BCK1212/4 SRM Trailer Available 1.0 47.50


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