4mm scale Gearboxes

14:1 worm gearbox


WGB14 14:1 worm gearbox

The design of this gearbox allows it to be split to enable the gear to be disengaged during the construction of the model. Input shaft+ADs- 1.5mm axle+ADs- 2mm. Two gearboxes per pack

Construction: Resin shell and worm wheel brass worm

Status: Out of stock

Price: 12.50

Deposit: 2.00

21:1 worm gearbox


WGB21 21:1 worm gearbox

Similar in design to WGB14 but with a 21:1 brass gearset. Input shaft+ADs- 1.5mm axle+ADs- 1/8in

Construction: Nylon shell brass gears

Status: Available extended delivery

Price: 12.50

Deposit: 2.00



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